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 Affordable Event Rentals

Decorations for all taste, on a budget you will appreciate!

Take the stress away... by simply renting your decorations.

"Be Our Guest" to simplify your life! We hope we can help you enjoy one of the most magical times of your life.  

Our events

From classical pieces, traditional or rustic we have decorations you will love!



Options to fit your budget

At this time we offer 3 options with add ons.


Wedding Options 1 --$600

Your choice:

Circle Arch

Square Arch

Triangle Arch

(Arch Floral and drapery)


Centerpieces for 10 tables

Tablecloths for 10 tables (White)

Floral of Choice

Brides Bouquet

Bridesmaid Bouquets

Pew Ends-Example Lanterns (10)

Easels (2)

Word Art (5)

Mirrors (1) Large

Mirror -Gift

Candles-20 Battery operated (Pillar)

Glass Stems-floating candles

Brass Candle Stems

Assorted decorations for you to pick from!

Wedding Cake Stand

Wedding Cake Cutlery

Groom Cake Stand

Guest Book Table

With this package you do get 25% off large add on items


Options 2- $500


Choice of Arch

Floral piece for Arch/from inventory

Drapery for Arch



Table decorations (8) Tables

(Glass pieces)

8 Candles Glass Stems

Guest Book Table

Pew Ends decorations (10) Lanterns--select decoration and floral

Brides Bouquet

Bridesmaids Bouquet

Mirrors (Word art)


Choice of (2) Large -Word Art

Your choice of Small word Art


Option 3- $300

Standard Arch

Floral Piece for Arch from inventory

Drapery from inventory 

Pew Ends (in our inventory)(10) Lanterns or Wine Jugs

A selection of 6  Small- Word Art pieces

 3 Floral -Table Decorations/ Centerpieces


Candles ( 6 Candle  glass Stems)


In our Inventory)

Select floral pieces 


Review the inventory list--and just imagine!

A deposit of 1/2 of your package selection is due the date of your booking! Its that simple to secure your event date! Text us

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wagon 3.jpg

Check out our inventory by Appointment only!

Large Inventory

Cathedral Backdrop

Circle Arch

Standard Arch

Vintage Screen

Triangle Arch

Greenery Photo Wall

10 Large lanterns

10 Small Lanterns

2 Gold Mirrors (you can write on)

Easels (Large, Medium, Small)

Vintage Suitcases

Drapery for Arches

Small Guest Book Table

Large wicker candle pieces (3)

2- Copper Stands for Ferns/Floral

Wooden Spool Table

Large Boho Rug

Cake Stand and Servers

Pampas Arch Arrangement

Pampas pieces

Red/Rose and Greenery Arch Arrangement

Greenery Arch Arrangement

Bottle Pew Ends

Eucalyptus Pew End Floral

Limited Floral

 1 -White Brides Bouquet

1-Red/Greenery Brides Bouquet

6 -Red/Greenery Bridesmaids Bouquet

1Pampas Brides Bouquet

5-- Bridesmaids Bouquets- Pampas -

Multitude of glass pieces

Glass Candle Stem Pieces

Champagne Table Runners

Blue Fabric Runners


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